Angelo Iovino is the owner and founder of Forza Training. Forza's mission statement is "Welcome all, inspire greatness and spread kindness." Angelo is devolted to ensuring all of his training sessions and classes are engaging and bursting with laughter, strength, gratitude and camaraderie. Angelo has a resume of almost 7000 hours of personal training and 3000 hours of group fitness classes taught. 

We are excited to be adding Angelo to our team and we look forward to some exciting new fitness offerings at Hollow Rock! Check out the options below.


All classes are free to attend through April 29th!
To sign-up for one the above complimentary classes, please email with your name and which class you'd like to register for. Prior to participating, you are required to complete a liability waiver as well as a health questionnaire (PAR-Q). Please print, sign and bring with you to your first class or ask for a copy at the front desk when you arrive. 
Group Fitness Class Pricing
Drop-in Rate:  $12/class
10 Class Pass:  $100
Unlimited Class Pass:  $100/mo (recurring payment)

Group Class Descriptions

Total Body Conditioning is a fitness class that accommodates everyone, from the person working out for the very first time to the elite athlete.  Each class will be packed with strength training, aerobic exercise, shenanigans, tennis specific conditioning, flexibility and victory. You’ll be challenged and inspired in new ways each time as no two classes are ever the same.  Get ready for 60 minutes of glory and strength.

Yoga Intervals is also designed for everyone in mind and specifically geared towards those that aren’t looking to jump around or use heavy weights. Class is usually core centered exercises of mid to high intensity for intervals of 40 seconds and 20 seconds of rest for about 30 minutes. We use small weights (optional), medicine balls and bands but mostly your own body weight. Before and after the session we have a warming up and stretching session.

Yoga Strength is based on the Mind Body Centering Yoga practice taught by Nina Be at Global Breath. We start by lying down on the mat for about 15min to relax the nervous system release tension in the neck and back. Then we’ll move through some simple sun salutations and warrior poses. The final pose is always relaxing on the floor with soothing music. This yoga is great for everybody, flexible or not! It helps greatly release the muscle tension, relax the mind and cope with stress and anxiety.

Liability Waiver

Health Questionairre (PAR-Q)
Physicians Clearance(if needed)