Camp Hollow Rock

Camp Hollow Rock is designed for kids to have fun in a safe, controlled environment. We have a staff that is trained in a safety first philosophy. A day at Camp Hollow Rock will include a little bit of everything. Campers will be divided into similar age groups to ensure better safety and more fun. Campers will enjoy the entirety of Hollow Rocks campus playing outdoor games (kickball, capture the flag, dodgeball) and a variety of sports. To get campers out of the sun, we offer inside time that includes arts and crafts, board games, and other indoor games. Campers get to enjoy that beautiful recreation pool with free swim time, as well as constructive group swimming lessons ($42/week). A small tennis session with our trained tennis professionals can either improve your childs game or start your child out; it will be fun for any level player! Campers will be eager to come to camp every day because of the variety of activities they get to experience.

Swim School

Our group swim lessons are designed to help you learn to swim, regardless of your age. It is a sequential, skill-focused, fun process that ensures swimmers have fun while learning to swim better. Demonstrating mastery of skills means immediate success, including graduation to the next skills level, in a positive learning environment. At Hollow Rock, we provide a 1:5 teacher-to-student ratio for the most effective and efficient possible learning. Because it is skills-focused, students must be assessed prior to their lessons to determine the best level placement for their ability at the start of lessons. Any lifeguard can perform an assessment, and we ask that this be done no later than noon of the Saturday prior to their lesson week.

After Camp